Update Keybox firmware IoT

To update a IoT Keybox you just need to perform a factory reset.

A factory reset is done by logging in to the service menu (The default code is 1234#, unless you have changed it, then use your own service code.)

1. Log in to the service menu

2. Write down all network settings (DHCP, IP, Netmask, Gateway and DNS). OBS, if you use DHCP (i.e. DHCP is set to ON) Gateway will not be shown, and the keybox will automatically re-assign the network settings when re-booted. 

3. Go to Factory reset, and start by pressing # twice. 

4. During the process, the keybox will show "updating" and a percentage and may re-boot during the process. Do not interfere with the update, leave the keybox until the process is done. 

5. If you use DHCP, the keybox will automatically synchronize and the process is completed once the keybox name once again is visible in the display.  

6. IF you do not use DHCP, log in to the keybox using the default code 1234# and set the network settings as they were before the factory reset, perform a re-boot. The keybox will synchronize and once the keybox name is visible in the display the update is completed. 

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