Key taken by unathorized user alert

There are only two reasons to see that kind of alert in Keywin 6. 

  1. The user that took the key has not been given access. You should be able to see who it was in the event log and adjust the access for the key in question if needed. 
  2. The user that opened the door was not logged in. 

Not being logged in can only happen in two ways. 
1. Emergency opening of the keybox and removing a key. If this happens more than in accepted situations, look for who can access the emergency opening procedure.
2. When opening the keybox door, the opening of the door was not registered due to a failure of the door contact sensor. By then the user has been logged in and opened the door, the keybox does not register an opening of the door and will proceed as if someone aborted the opening and automatically logged out the user. When removing the key the keybox will prompt an alert even as it is the correct key and you have access to it. 

You can try this by logging in to the keybox with a normal user, waiting for the door opening command in the display, and then doing nothing more, just waiting. If you see the keybox name in the display after a short time, you have been logged out even as you managed to open the door. Try a few times, it may not happen every time.  If it does happen as described you need to contact your local service partner for assistance.

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