Instructions for warranty/returns (RMA)

In order to return any items on warranty or any other claim, you need to fill in an RMA (return merchandise authorization) form and reach an agreement from Creone before you ship anything. 

Please take note that if you ship any items to Creone without an agreement the items will be returned at your expense. 

Please also note that this policy only applies to broken/not functional products, if you have a ordering mishap you do not need to follow the RMA policy, just contact and make sure you get the parts needed. 

1. Download the form, fill in the highlighted information. RMA form download

2. Open a case by clicking this link: Request a case and describe in the case the reason to return the items. Chose category Warranty/returns and add the RMA document to the case. 

3. Await reply from Creone before shipping any items. If approved you will get an updated RMA form back to add to your shipment.  


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