Pairing of SC modell (IoT)

For our latest version of the SC models, you easily connect the unit to Keywin 6 using pairing codes. 

Before you start you need to verify with your IT that the network the unit will use has port 443 (internet) and port 123 (Time synchronization) is opened for outgoing traffic. 

Startup the unit, it will show "connecting in the display, just wait until you see the pairing code as shown below. 

Depending on your network settings you might need to set some network values in the unit. Log in with 1234# and set the values, contact your IT to verify the settings you might need. (DHCP, IP, DNS and netmask).



Then go to Keywin 6->settings tab->cabinet overview->press + to add a new unit and then give it a name and enter the pairing code.


The unit will show "synchronizing" while it connects to the correct database. OBS! the pairing process may take between 10-15 minutes so just wait until you see the name change. Once the unit shows the given name in the display you are done with the pairing. 

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