Ports & network overview Keywin 6 - SE

This information is only for Keyboxes setup on the SAAB data center, which uses a synchronizer service and connects to Keywin6.com, not to confuse with our newest Keywin 6 IoT on Azure. If you are connecting to Keywin.app you should go to this page: Keywin 6 IoT ports


Below you can view what ports and IP need to be open and reachable in order to connect to the Keywin 6 portal and to allow the synchronization service to update the cabinet events. The synchronization service is a Windows service that needs to be installed somewhere in your network.    

  • The cloud server uses port 25442 and port 443, the ports need to be open both inbound and outbound.
  • The Keywin 6 Portal source IP is
  • The Keywin6 cabinet synchronizer uses port 5432 (PostgreSQL), port 39164 and port 49160. The ports need to be open both inbound and outbound.


It is always the synchronizer service that initiates all traffic.

It is always the synchronizer that sends a request to the cloud server SQL and to the cabinet database to see if any new events have occurred and then sends the information back and forth between the cloud server and the cabinets.


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