Keywin 5 SQL error "users_pincode_index"

The Keybox display is showing the message "synchronizing" for a long time period. When you have a look in the synchronization log (C:\ProgramData\Creone AB\KeyWin 5 Server) the below message can be found over and over:


duplicate key value violates unique constraint "users_pincode_index"

Severity: ERROR

This means something has happened in the Keybox database that the cabinet cannot handle, a connection between a key and a user is considered not a unique value, something that is not allowed in the database. The fetching of data goes into a loop where the cabinet is trying to fetch an update but fails over and over. 

When this happens Creone needs permission to remote control a computer in the cabinets network and use a program to connect to the cabinet to remove the index that the cabinet fails to update and then re-start the sync service. 

Create a ticket to set up a time slot for the service to happen and to get further information what tools that need to be installed.

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