System requierements Keywin 6

The Keywin 6 synchronization engine benefits from being installed on a high-performance computer/server. 

Note that you need to be an admin in order to install the synchronization
This is our recommended system requirements:
 Operating system: minimum Windows 10, 64 bit, or minimum Windows Server 2012 R2 - of course, works well with any newer Windows server operating system. 
 RAM: minimum 8 RAM
 Cache: minimum 6 MB
 Example of the processor: Intel Core i5 6th generation 6500T/2.5 Gzh
(quadruple core) or processors of similar performance
 Hard drive: 1 x SSD 256 GB
 SQL Server 2014 and up. 

Please also note that the Keywin 6 web portal is created to be run on the web
browser Google Chrome for maximum performance.

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