Factory Reset SC models

By performing a Factory Reset on an SC model system (Keybox SC, Keyrack SC; Valuebox SC) means you empty all of the values you set previously and clear the Keybox database and it goes back to default values. 

After a factory reset is performed you have the option to restore the previous settings by adding the exact same network address, and then all data that is stored in the SQL database will be re-stored (Keys, users, keybox settings, codes etc.) To first empty and then load the keybox may be useful in order to fix some synchronization errors or an SQL data transfer error. 

Or, of course you have the option to treat the keybox as a new system, by adding a new IP address, but then you need to create all keys as new and delete the old ones in Keywin. 

  • Make sure to write down all keybox network settings before you start a factory reset by logging in to the keybox using your service pin, navigate the options with the arrow keys.
  • The following network settings is what you should save: DHCP on or off, IP address, Netmask and Gateway.
  •  Then go to the factory reset option, start by pressing #

Once the reset is completed, the service pin is now in default mode, so in order to log in, you need to use 1234#.

  • Log in to the keybox service menu using 1234#
  • either add new values or add the old values for the DHCP, IP address, Netmask and Gateway. If you need to add dots the command is arrow right. 
  • Finish with a re-boot, during the re-boot the values are added and the new keybox is created, or the old one is loaded. 
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