Synchronization services

Both our Keywin 5 and Keywin 6 models use a synchronization service in order to send data from the cabinet, to the SQL server and to the administration programs and then back to the cabinets.

The service is installed somewhere in the network that the cabinet uses, either on a computer or a server. you find the service under "services" and the name is simply: Keywin cabinet synchronizer/ Keywin6 synchronizer service (version number)

An example of the services is not running is that you cannot get information sent to the cabinet, or that you do not get information from the cabinets, and the first action should be to restart the service. 

The synchronizer also has a log, that can in detail tell if something more specific occurred that requires more action then just a restart. 

For Keywin 5 you find the log under C:\ProgramData\Creone AB\KeyWin 5 Server (note that this is a program data folder, program data folders are often hidden by default)

For Keywin 6 you'll find the log under C:\Program Files (x86)\Creone AB\KeyWin6 Synchronizer Service\KeyWin6.Application.Synchronizer and the folder named "logs". 

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