Keywin 6 new features compared to Keywin 5

Here are some of the new features that come with Keywin 6. 

Add new user – Basic -  Language

When adding a new user you now have the possibility to set an individual language for that user. So when a user log-in to the KeyBox, the display of the cabinet will change to the language pre-set on the user.

Add new user – Advanced – User type

Each user can be set as Normal User, High-Level User or Low-Level User. A normal user can log in and fetch or return keys just as normal, the same with the High-Level User. But when a low-level user logs on to the KeyBox, the display will change to “Please enter high-level user PIN” and only a High-Level User can enter the PIN to authorize the Low-Level User to access the keyBox. The confirmation by the high-level user will also be noted in the event log, but the events in the cabinet will be registered at the low-level user. The same procedure will occur when the low-level user needs to return the key.

Number of allowed keys taken

You can set the number of keys that a user will be allowed to have in its possession at the same time. When the user has exceeded that amount, the cabinet will be locked down and the user needs to return keys to fetch a new one.

This feature will be activated during Q3.


In KeyWin6 it’s now possible to combine KeyBox and ValueBox in the same software. When connecting a ValueBox, the lockers will be registered and each Box(locker) will be shown in the Key-list.

Quick status

It’s now possible to get a quick status-view of each key by hovering over the key. You will then see where the key is located, where it previously was located or if a user has taken the key.


The event log is basically the same as in KeyWin5 with the difference that you now can confirm only one alarm by simply click on that alarm. If you would like to acknowledge all alarm, that possibility still exists.

We have also added the Quick status, so by hovering over the event, you can see the status of the Key-ID and the Administrator or user that have generated an event


With our KeyWin6 reporting system, you can now keep track of your keys movements. Among other things, you can get a list of the most common alarms of each given period. You can easily view a list of the most frequent system users as well as the most frequently used keys. The data is displayed in diagrams given a clear overview of the use of the system.

This is a module we would like to develop together with you.  So if any customer has a request for data or statistic useful for their company, please inform Creone and we will keep building this module with data driven by the market from the market.



With bookings, you can easily pre-book keys to be sure that the key is available when you need it. When you book the key, the system will block the possibility for any other user to fetch key during this time.



Add Cardreader

Under Settings -> Advanced Settings you can now add your own card readers to the system. When adding the correct values here and save the settings, you can later go to Edit Cabinet and select the new reader for the cabinet.

Please note that we are using RS485 on our PCB.


Under notifications, you can add recipients that shall get an e-mail in event of alarm in KeyWin6. You can easily add the e-mail and select which types of alarms shall be sent to this e-mail.

Mobile access

In KeyWin6 you can use a tablet or smartphone to access your system. With the tablet, you will get access to the full software but with the smartphone, you will only access the keys. All keys will be displayed in a list and by selecting a key, you will see the status and location of the key. If a user has taken the key, it will be displayed with name and cell-phone, if it has been added to the user profile. When the key is in the cabinet, you can easily create a limited access between a user and the key with the number of hours and minutes selected from this time.

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