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KeyWin6 - Integration


One of the main focus in the development of KeyWin6 has been to make it easy to integrate with other systems. We have seen a big interest from the market for this since it will make the daily administration more efficient for many big companies.

We have two different possibilities to integrate KeyWin6 to other systems: Via our built-in integration module which you can find in KeyWin6 under Settings->Integrations and via our external WEB-API which is used via the integration tool Swagger. You will get the same possibilities via both these ways, it’s just a matter of what the customer prefers. 

Even if KeyWin6 is integrated to another system, KeyWin6 is needed. The cabinet will be registered in KeyWin6 and all keys need to be registered and edited. You need to sign up for the KeyWin6 Large license. This is so we can assure that the integration protocols and API are up to date in the future

When a customer would like to make an integration, Creone needs to set up a meeting with the customer to determine if the customer's vision is possible. After such meeting, a project plan will be created between Creone, the customer and the Creone-dealer.

Normally Creone would send the integration documents to the customer whom then create the integration. If requested that Creone creates the integration or assists more then we consider normal, Creone will make an offer for that.

Today we can offer the integrations via XML- and JSON. Some programmers are using other programming languages and Creone can, of course, adjust and make it available in other versions such as LDAP and SQL upon request.

So far Creone has made an integration towards ARX-system from ASSA ABLOY, and our vision is to continue to integrate KeyWin6 to more systems used world-wide so we can have pre-built integration modules that will make it easier for you when approaching customers. If you get request or wishes from the market about KeyWin6 being integrated to other systems, please inform us so we can take that into consideration and continue growing with more systems connected to KeyWin6.

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